Stafford Rambling Group Affiliated to the Ramblers Stafford Rambling Group Produced with Xara -  Stafford Rambling Group 2014 -18
RISKS SOMETIMES FOUND ON WALKS                                                       Applendix1 Travelling to and from activities The risks encountered are essentially those found in every day driving. Occasionally we have to use rough tracks and minor roads which require greater care. Whilst we encourage car sharing we do not check to ensure that all drivers have licences, insurance and MOT certificates for their vehicle. Any member who has doubts about the safety of another member’s driving should politely decline a lift from that person. We encourage walk leaders to give details of routes to walks, preferably in the form of a post code for satnav devices, to minimise the risk of members struggling to find the meeting point. Walking on the public highway Whilst we mainly use public footpaths we also have to use public highways with the risk of encountering vehicles. Wherever possible use a causeway. Elsewhere we should walk in single file and be vigilant. Anyone who first realises that a vehicle is approaching should call out a warning to everyone else. This should be passed along the line if those at the other end might not have heard. Slips and trips Wear walking boots with a good grip. Point out to other walkers anything which might increase the risk of a fall e.g. (hidden holes or dips, tree roots and brambles). This is particularly important at stiles which might be poorly maintained or slippery. Getting detached from the group This risk is best avoided by leaders keeping the party reasonably together. All members can assist by not making a turning without checking that the next person behind has seen them and knows to turn too. It is also right for at least one person to wait at a discreet distance when another member has had to make a stop. Anyone who does become detached should first try to contact someone else on the walk by mobile phone. If this is not possible s/he should wait at the point at which another walker was last seen. Livestock Wild animals rarely cause any problems but livestock and dogs occasionally cause concerns. Always try to walk around livestock and be especially careful not to cross between a mother and her new- born. Walk purposefully towards the exit from the field. Try to assist other walkers who might be particularly fearful. Irate Landowners We try to ensure that we always walk on a public right of way and therefore are not trespassing. If a landowner challenges our right to be where we are first refer them to the walk leader who should explain with the map why we are there. Be polite at all times (even if provoked) and if the landowner insists that we leave do so by the route suggested. March 2017