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Health and Safety Policy 1. Stafford   Rambling   Group   is   a   voluntary   organisation   and   all   members   choose whether   or   not   to   participate   in   each   activity.   Walking   is   a   relatively   low   risk activity   (and   our   more   general   activities   are   even   more   so)   and   every   care   is taken   in   the   planning   of   walks   and   events.   Nevertheless   all   members   are primarily responsible for their own health and safety. This includes: a. Ensuring   that   the   activity   (especially   a   walk)   is   within   their   physical capabilities.   We   publicise   information   on   each   walk   together   with   the walk   leaders’   phone   numbers.   If   in   doubt   members   should   contact   the leader for more information on a particular walk. b. Having   suitable   clothing   and   protective   equipment   as   well   as    carrying sufficient    food    and    drinks    for    a    walk.    SRG    gives    guidance    in    its information for new members. c. Being   vigilant   during   walks   and   paying   attention   to   any   advice   and instructions from the leader. 2. SRG   does   however   take   a   number   of   steps   to   promote   safety   in   our   activities, particularly walks, for example: a. We   have   a   welcome   pack   for   new   members   about   what   to   expect   on our walks. This includes a copy of this policy. b. We   encourage   a   culture   of   mutual   protection,   especially   over   alerting fellow   walkers   to   difficulties   on   a   walk   (e.g.   oncoming   traffic,   problems with stiles, hidden risks of trips and falls). c. We   recognise   the   key   role   of   our   walk   leaders   and   provide   them   with written guidance and support. d. Our   walk   leaders   take   a   list   of   participants   for   each   walk.   The   standard list   available   also   allows   them   to   report   any   accidents   or   dangerous occurrences   on   the   walk.   The   lists   are   kept   by   the   Secretary   for   4 years. e. The   committee   reviews   all   activities   and   discusses   any   problems   which have    arisen    and    how    these    can    be    avoided    in    future.    This    might include    amending    written    policies    and    guidelines.    Each    committee meeting   has   an   agenda   item   on   health   and   safety   and   one   committee member   (currently   Brad   Steele)   is   responsible   for   co-ordinating   health and safety matters. f. Any   member   can   raise   concerns   about   health   and   safety   issues   with the   Chair,   the   Health   and   Safety   Co-ordinator   or   with   any   committee member. There is also the opportunity to raise matters at the AGM. 3. Participation   is   entirely   at   the   individual’s   risk   and   no   responsibility   for   loss   or damage    (however    caused)    is    accepted    by    the    Group,    its    organisers    or leaders. 4. This   policy   was   adopted   on   (insert   date)   and   will   be   reviewed   by   no   later   than 31 March 2014.