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DATA PROTECTION POLICY Aims of Policy Stafford    Rambling    Group    (SRG)    keeps    certain    information    on    its    members    to    meet    its objectives. SRG   is   committed   to   ensuring   any   personal   data   will   be   dealt   with   in   line   with   the   Data Protection   Act   1998.   To   comply   with   the   law,   personal   information   will   be   collected   and   used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully.  The aims of this policy are: to inform members of the ways in which SRG keeps and uses data about them to   ensure   that   everyone   handling   personal   data   is   fully   aware   of   the   requirements   and acts in accordance with data protection procedures . This   policy   covers   committee   members   and   any   lay   members   who   might   organise   activities   on behalf of SRG. Definitions In line with the Data Protection Act 1998 principles,   SRG will ensure that personal data will: Be   obtained   fairly   and   lawfully   and   shall   not   be   processed   unless   certain   conditions   are met Be obtained for a specific and lawful purpose Be adequate and relevant but not excessive Be accurate and kept up to date Not be held longer than necessary Be processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects Be subject to appropriate security measures Not to be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) Processing’   is   the   obtaining,   using,   holding,   amending,   disclosing,   destroying   and   deleting personal data. This includes paper-based personal data as well as that kept electronically. SRG “office holders” are the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Types of Information Processed SRG   holds   and   processes   the   following   personal   information   on   its   members.   This   is   collected when members first apply to join. The form used for this purpose is attached as Appendix 1. Personal   information   is   kept   by   the   Treasurer.   The   information   will   be   stored   electronically password-protected   or on paper which will be kept in a lockable drawer, cupboard or safe. SRG also collects information when members apply to take part in specific events. This information will be retained by the event organiser (who will be named on the application) It may be stored electronically password-protected or on paper which will be kept in a lockable drawer, cupboard or safe. This information may be shared with third parties involved in the organisation of events. Event organiser’s may be provided with personal information from the club’s main database if this is not supplied on the application form and where it is necessary to deliver the event.