Stafford Rambling Group Affiliated to the Ramblers Stafford Rambling Group Produced with Xara -  Stafford Rambling Group 2014 -18
STAFFORD RAMBLING GROUP: CONSTITUTION Aims and Objectives 1. The name of the organisation is the Stafford Rambling Group (referred to as the Group). 2. The Group will have the following aims: 2.1 to organise and undertake a varied programme of walking for the enjoyment of members. 2.2 to help to preserve the national and local footpath networks. 2.3 to participate in and support other activities related to rambling. 2.4 to organise social functions for the benefit of Members. 3. The Group will be affiliated to the Ramblers Association. 4. The Group will be non profit-making in nature but will aim to keep a reasonable working balance to cover short term variations in income and expenditure and allow deposits to be paid (where necessary) in advance of the events on the programme. 5. The operating year for matters connected with the membership, finances and management of the Group will run from 1 January to 31 December. Membership 6. All those participating regularly in the Group’s activities will be required to become one of the following categories of member and pay the appropriate fee: 6.1 Individual Membership (£6.00 pa). 6.2 Family Membership (available to more than one individual resident at the same address: £9.00 pa). 6.3 Honorary Life Membership (may be granted by the Committee in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the organisation of the Group: no fee). 7. The level of membership fees may be varied by a resolution of the Group passed at the Annual General Meeting or an Emergency General Meeting. 8. Where, in the view of the Chair, there are grounds for believing that the continued membership of any individual is seriously detrimental to the well-being of the Group, (s)he will appoint a sub- committee of no less than 3 committee members (not to include the Chair) to consider whether that person should be expelled from membership. The sub-committee will not reach a decision without first putting the concerns in writing to the member and giving him/her the opportunity to meet them to discuss the matter or to make written representations to them. The member will have the right to be accompanied if (s)he requests a meeting with the sub-committee. The sub- committee will then decide whether the individual should be allowed to remain in membership (which might include conditions about future conduct) or be expelled from membership. Annual General Meeting 9. There will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Group place between 1 April and 30 June each year on a date set by the Committee.  All members will be sent written details of the meeting and the matters to be discussed at least two weeks before the meeting. 10. All members will be eligible to attend and vote at General Meetings of the group and to serve on the Committee. Non-members may attend but not vote or serve on the Committee. 11. A list will be kept of those members attending the AGM and minutes will be taken.