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12. The following items will be included on the agenda for the AGM: 12.1 confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM and any subsequent Emergency General Meeting. 12.2 a report by the Chair on the activities of the Group over the last year. 12.3 a report by the Treasurer on the Group’s financial position. 12.4 the election of the Committee. 12.5 provision for any member to raise matters of concern about the management of the Group. 12.6 any other matter which the Committee wishes the membership to consider. Emergency General Meetings 13. An Emergency General Meeting will be called whenever twelve or more members sign a written request to the Chair requesting such a meeting and indicating the matters to be discussed. The Chair will arrange such a meeting to take place normally within 28 days of receipt of the request. 14. The arrangements for the meeting will be the same as for an AGM except that the agenda will consist solely of the matter(s) of concern raised in the request for the meeting. The Committee 15. The day-to-day management of the Group will be undertaken by a Committee elected at the AGM. The Committee will comprise a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to eight other members. Wherever possible, there will be at least three men and at least three women on the Committee. In the event of a vacancy arising between AGMs the Committee may appoint a member of the Group to fill the vacancy. 16. The role of the Chair will be to: 16.1 preside at General Meetings of the Group and at Committee meetings. 16.2 act as the main channel of communication between the Committee and the membership as a whole. 16.3 act as spokesperson for the group on public occasions. 16.4 act as one of the authorised signatories for the Group’s current and deposit accounts. 17. The role of the Secretary will be to:   17.1 organise the distribution of information on the Group’s activities to the Membership. 17.2 organise the publication of papers for General Meetings of the Group and meetings of the Committee. 17.3 ensure that appropriate minutes are kept of meetings. 17.4 maintain the Group’s membership records. 17.5 deal with enquiries from potential members. 17.6 conduct correspondence on behalf of the Group. 17.7 act as one of the authorised signatories for the Group’s current and deposit accounts. 18. The role of the Treasurer will be to: 18.1 maintain the financial records of the group and present a Statement of Accounts to the following AGM. 18.2 handle the banking of Group income and the payment of legitimate expenses on behalf of the Group. 18.3 act as one of the authorised signatories for the Group’s current and deposit accounts. 19. The Committee will meet as often as it considers necessary for the effective management of the Group. All meetings will have an agenda. Minutes will be taken and will be available for inspection by any member at the AGM. 20. The Committee may assign to individual Committee members specific roles other than those set out in this constitution for the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Financial Administration  21. The Committee will open suitable bank and\or building society accounts for the safekeeping of Group funds.