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22. The Group will also aim that individual events will be self-financing. The organiser will supply the Treasurer with appropriate documentation on income and expenditure relating to the activity. Any cheques from members towards the cost of participation should be payable to the Group, not the organiser. Any surplus arising will transfer to general Group funds. 23. The Committee shall have the discretion in exceptional circumstances to refund from any surplus arising an individual member part or all of any amount paid by him or her towards the cost of participating in an individual event. Such discretion shall only be exercised if the Committee reasonably believes that the member would suffer undue hardship if the discretion were not to be exercised. 24. Any exercise of the discretion referred to in Clause 23 together with the reasons for exercising it shall be documented in writing by the Committee and any such payment shall be recorded as a discrete item in the Statement of Accounts presented to the following AGM. 25. For the avoidance of doubt, the discretion detailed in Clause 23 shall only be exercisable by the Committee and cannot under any circumstances be delegated to an individual Committee member. 26. The Committee may at its discretion use Group funds to make up donations not exceeding £60 each year to charities concerned with walking and the public enjoyment of the countryside. Any such donations will be recorded as discrete items in the Statement of Accounts presented to the following AGM. 27. The accounts of the Group will be reviewed annually by an independent person approved by the Committee prior to their being presented to the AGM. 28. Members will have no interest in the Group funds. On the cessation of the Group, all remaining funds will be donated by the Committee to a charity sympathetic to the aims of the Group. Changes to Constitution 29. This constitution may be varied by a majority vote of members attending an AGM or EGM of the Group. (This constitution incorporates amendments by the Group at the Annual General Meetings on 29th April 2005, 16th April 2010 and 13th May 2011) May 2011